Warmer Weather

by Yearlong Hours

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Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by Evan Murray at False Direction Studios
Mastered by John Naclerio at NADA Recording Studio - Montgomery, New York
Artwork by Brian Shepherd, Scorched Up Designs (www.facebook.com/Scorchedupdesigns/)
Lyrics and Music written/Owned by Yearlong Hours


released June 26, 2016

Thanks to anyone who has ever supported us. It sounds cliche, but without you guys we wouldn't be creating. Our family and friends have pushed us and pushed us and pushed us. With the normal stresses of high school and teenage jobs, you gave us the push and motivation when we had bad days at school to keep pursuing our passions. If I could name all of you, I would but it'd be a very long list. There are a few individuals who should be mentioned.
Matt Davis - Mr. Davis. A teacher at our high school who always told us to keep doing what we're doing. Rachel Robards - Band mom. You deal with us being LOUD and saying dirty things in your basement for hours and we cannot thank you enough for putting up with us. Evan Murray - Thanks for putting up with our dumb schedules and being a good friend to all of us. KC Hayes - For being a good friend and helping us with graphic design. When you guys see a banner, flyer, or video, he created it. Dennis Keenoy (1953-2015) my father who since I was young gave me the tools and taught me how to play. When we first formed, he set up his analog studio and bought tapes and recorded us demos. You are missed dearly



all rights reserved


Yearlong Hours St. Louis, Missouri

Loud and angsty. Hardcore flavored pop-punk. Good vibes always

Rohan Keenoy - Guitar/vocals

Tony Ledbetter - Guitar/vocals

Eli Robards -

Addison Steinkamp-

Graham Koosman-
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Track Name: Nintendo 69
"So we beat on boats against the current"

Round one
We're coming out swinging
We place our flag
In the soil of beginnings
Track Name: Broken Down on Becker Drive
I don't wanna live by anything you’d expect
I can’t help it when I am a wreck

We live our lives on every empty saddle
Can't keep my head up if my body's broken
We have our scars out of every battle
If life is a game then this is my last token
Fast food and long car rides
We've taken every turn
But we won't be just fine
No water can heal this burn

We're gonna cure you like the common cold
We speak the truth just like it's told

Don’t tell us, we’re out of line, you asked me, so here's your sign!

Tore from what bound us down,
Burying the hatchet to the side of your head
Track Name: It's a Bad Day to Be a Vending Machine
This is my life don't tell me how to live
Cuz I won't be the one that's gonna give
Don't bring me when my ship is sinking
When it all hits the fan I'll be the last man thinking
I think I'd better go
So when I'm walking out the door, I'll let you know.

Your eyes state a story of a million lazy lies.
Spewing shit, call it quits, made it all up left and right.
I pulled the plug on a cryptic ending.
Quips like these aren't worth the spending.
If you've got anything to say
Tell it to the voicemail when I'm away
I'm not holding back there's not a thing you can do
Leave me with a bruise and you'll end up with two

Everytime we pretend we're in separate dimensions
You always wanna say it was never your intention
Stand on the edge who even cares away
Love me at the end of April
Hate me on the first of May
Suit me up, I'm going to war
Check your ass out for what I've got in store.
There's no rush, you can't live forever
You can keep all of my bloody letters.

We're tired of your hate!

You’re nothing but a loss cause
Track Name: Pac Man Ate All My Friends
Wake up your enemies they’ll never die
The darkness around me is not purified
Been trapped here so long i’ve gone blind
The darkness within me has controlled my mind

What is weak is what crumbles
And the bastard children struggle to sing
Industrial vines are choking the life from everything
The fire you built crushes my lungs and I can't breathe

You are the crack in the foundation
Watch as your empire falls

Saddle up our horses we've left them for dead
Put to side our stresses reality written with a pen
Trapped in a game where we all fall appart

It's what he said to me
Track Name: Living Inside a White Picket Fence
Boats against the current
like we said in the beginning. I'm sorry scott
but these eyes are black
from all the mindless swinging.
Been treated like the greatest mistake of our generation
Locked inside the hourglass of industrialization

They're gonna tear us appart
It's time to restart

I’m tired of giving up when everything’s making a bad day
I won’t let you step on me and get in my way
You’re nothing but a cover for a cowards lie
You shouldn’t spread your wings unless you’re gonna fly

Keep me away from the media
They're making me jaded
One more fucking tantrum and I'll have to be sedated
Critics have called us up and now they're bringing us down
It's us who call the shots and we'll shoot you to the ground

Say what you want
Cause' I'm buying nothing