It's a Bad Day to Be a Vending Machine

from by Yearlong Hours



This is my life don't tell me how to live
Cuz I won't be the one that's gonna give
Don't bring me when my ship is sinking
When it all hits the fan I'll be the last man thinking
I think I'd better go
So when I'm walking out the door, I'll let you know.

Your eyes state a story of a million lazy lies.
Spewing shit, call it quits, made it all up left and right.
I pulled the plug on a cryptic ending.
Quips like these aren't worth the spending.
If you've got anything to say
Tell it to the voicemail when I'm away
I'm not holding back there's not a thing you can do
Leave me with a bruise and you'll end up with two

Everytime we pretend we're in separate dimensions
You always wanna say it was never your intention
Stand on the edge who even cares away
Love me at the end of April
Hate me on the first of May
Suit me up, I'm going to war
Check your ass out for what I've got in store.
There's no rush, you can't live forever
You can keep all of my bloody letters.

We're tired of your hate!

You’re nothing but a loss cause


from Warmer Weather, released June 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Yearlong Hours St. Louis, Missouri

Loud and angsty. Hardcore flavored pop-punk. Good vibes always

Rohan Keenoy - Guitar/vocals

Tony Ledbetter - Guitar/vocals

Eli Robards -

Addison Steinkamp-

Graham Koosman-
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